What Payroll Providers Do

Even if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, sometimes outsourcing simply makes sense, especially when it comes to the various aspects of running your own business. Payroll services are often outsourced, particularly in larger companies or companies with multiple locations (or telecommuting employees), and it’s easy to see why: payroll processing can often be complex and time-consuming, and the last thing any employer wants to do is make a mistake with an employee’s paycheck.

  • Payroll providers provide several valuable tools for a company, most notably
  • Payroll and tax calculations.
  • Printing and delivery of checks.
  • Handling of direct deposits.
  • Reports and documents on payroll handling.
  • Tax form preparations.
  • Many payroll providers also provide specialty services, including
  • HR services.
  • Handling of 401k plans and other savings plans.
  • OnPay abilities.
  • Sure payroll.