Chase: Modernizing a Historical Institution

History of Honesty

Trust has always been an integral part of banking for consumers. If you cannot trust your bank, why entrust your finances to them? With customers regularly turning to online banking in place of brick-and-mortar locations, trust has to be recognized by the financial institution’s name and history. Few institutions have the same caliber as Chase bank — with its competitive interest rates and loan eligibility for a wide range of applicants, Chase has positioned itself to be a dominating player in the financial industry for many years to come.

Transitioning to the Future

With many customers favoring mobile and online banking across the nation, Chase and other major banks have begun offering more advanced services online. By simply utilizing their Chase online login, they can access all of their accounts and Chase cards in one place. In addition to viewing balances, Chase is offering bill pay services to checking accounts. This means convenience for everyone involved — a few clicks by the customer, reduced processing time by the receiver, and reduced operating costs for Chase. In addition, more features online, like ordering checks and disputing transactions, can save both time and money for Chase and spare customers long waits at a Chase location.

Favorable reviews from customers have encouraged Chase to grow their personal online banking business further. Additional services now include instant transfers to other Chase accounts, paperless statements, and Quick Deposit for checks using Chase’s mobile app or a scanner. While these services are standard at any physical branch, it is only recently that these services can be offered online. Even auto loans and mortgages can be applied for with just a few clicks.


Along with personal banking, Chase cards are also in a position to win consumers in the coming years. Chase’s popular cards include Slate®, Chase Freedom®, and Chase Sapphire Preferred®. The cards have been successful for a multitude of reasons. Direct marketing to customers and small business owners has proven to be extremely successful and continues to build their consumer base without a sign of slowing down.

With all of its past success, Chase has been a name consumers can trust for decades. While products are changing and the methods are being modernized, the history and honesty of this historical financial institution has not changed.