Bank of America: Changing the Way Banks Run

Banking with Bank of America gives you access to privileges and services that you won’t find with other banks. Originally launched as Bank of Italy in 1904, the company slowly expanded into other markets. It now has its company headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, but the bank has offices across the country, making it one of the five largest banks in the country. As a Bank of America customer, you should stay on top of the latest changes and innovations that affect your life and your bank account.

Making Life Easier

While other banks let you pay your bills automatically, Bank of America does things a little differently. You can use online bill payment to make payments to almost any company in the world, and Bank of America can post some bills in just one business day. You have the option of making a one time payment or using a recurring system for bills you pay every month. The system also lets you choose alerts to remind you of when certain bills are due.

Other banks will only let you make payments to approved companies, but Bank of America gives you more options. If you pay your rent to a private landlord, you can arrange for the bank to send a check to your landlord on a certain day every month. Choose a date based on when the rent is due or when you receive a paycheck.

Easy Online Banking

With Bank of America online, you get extra protection for your account. You create a username and password of your own choosing, and the customer sign in will let you log into your account from anywhere in the world. Online banking lets you set up your own alerts that protects against identity theft. Bank of America will alert you about any potential unauthorized use of your bank account.

When you sign up for platinum privileges, you receive even more protection. As long as you have up to $50,000 in your Merrill Edge brokerage account or your deposit accounts with Bank of America, you automatically qualify for this coverage. You won’t pay a cent in fees when transferring money or purchasing cashier’s checks, you get cash back when using your Bank of America card, and you have access to benefits when taking out a home loan.

Bank of America hopes to change the way the banking industry operates. By making things easier for customers and giving customers access to new programs, it’s clear that the company wants to increase its customer base.