American Express Focuses on Travel

American Express is one of the few credit card companies that goes above and beyond when it comes to its customers. When the company first launched, some questioned the way it did business. Instead of extending a line of credit that users paid off over time, Amex cards require that users pay off their bills in full at the end of the billing cycle. This helped the company reach customers concerned about credit limits because those customers can use the card for any purchase in any amount. American Express hopes to make some other changes to the way people travel too.

Types of Cards

American Express offers business, personal, prepaid, and corporate credit cards. Prepaid cards let you determine your own credit limit by requiring that you add money to the card before using it. Corporate and business cards are similar to ordinary credit cards, but these cards come with extra perks that let you track the purchases that you make for your business.

Helping Customers Travel

American Express Travel is a new website that the company launched to help its customers travel easier. You can book cruises, rental cars, flights, hotel rooms, and vacation packages through the website, and when you use your American Express card, you earn one membership point for every dollar that you spend. Those points slowly add up, letting you pay for other trip expenses. The company also promises that it offers the lowest rates on hotel rooms, and it will price match other companies if you find a lower price.

Earn Air Miles

Many credit card companies let members earn points, but American Express helps shoppers earn airmiles rewards. The American Express Air Miles reward card gives you a certain amount of miles when you use your card for the first time, and you earn additional miles when you use your card for other purchases. You also have the option to pay the card off at the end of the month or over time, and you can track your air miles when you use your American Express login information.

Credit card companies must make regular changes to stay on top in the industry. American Express introduced its travel website and air mile card when it realized that good customer service wasn’t enough to retain its customers. Those changes and others helped the company expand into new markets to reach more customers than ever before.